Laptop Support

A Laptop or a Notebook as sometimes called is a personal computer for use while on the move. In a laptop all its components like display, keyboard, CPU, pointing device, and speakers are integrated into a single unit. For Your PC Support delivers high quality services for all brands of laptops or notebooks. Clients have most times given highest customer delight scores for remote laptop services. For Your PC Support’s skilled and qualified technicians are available round the clock enabling enhanced performance of client laptop or notebook by fixing every issue on time. Common laptop problems can be broadly grouped under the following heads.

Laptop Display problem

Display problem is a commonly occurring issue with laptops. This could further lead to problems involving like laptop restarting or switching off suddenly. For Your PC Support analyses this problem unique to different laptops, offers solution and resolves it.

Malware / Spyware Attack

Malwares and Spyware apart from tracking the mode of using the system are harmful software programmes that may sometimes lead to malfunctioning of laptops when present in the system. It becomes critical to safeguard your laptop or notebook by using state of the art antimalware or antispyware software. For Your PC Support helps choose the best software tool and ensures your laptop is safe.

Software problem

These problems are common in laptops and would call for immediate attention. These problems could also involve changing the boot order of the laptop. For Your PC Support enables the booting of the laptop properly while simultaneously repairing and restoring the ‘boot.ini’ file to resolve the issue.

Registry Issue

A common problem encountered by users of laptops is sudden freeze where further work comes to a standstill. For Your PC Support technicians use a reliable registry cleaner to check if your registry is clean and working fine and incorporate the necessary change mechanisms.

In addition, For Your PC Support also offer the following to their clients.

  • Tips for upgrading the laptop
  • Regular complete scan and checkup of the laptop
  • Regular back up of data
  • Updating drivers and security
  • Connection to internet, other devices and peripherals
  • Enhancing the overall performance and speed of laptop