Printer Support

PC Peripherals include printer, scanner, speakers, keyboard, mouse, webcam or digital camera and monitor. Improper installation of any of the peripherals may lead to permanent damage of the system. For Your PC Support provides printer and peripheral support for brands across the spectrum and include HP, Epson, Canon, Xerox, Samsung etc. Choosing a hardware accessory for a system is an important task. The accessory must be the best compatible one for the specific system architecture. From set up to repair For Your PC Support technicians provide customers with instant quality support for any printer error or issues over the phone or via remote access.

For Your PC Support for Peripheral support includes the following.

  • Printer Support – For Your PC Support helps in resolving end to end printer issues like installing printer device, configuring printer software, updating latest driver and also ink cartridge replacement, paper jam, troubleshooting and other issues.
  • Keyboard and Mouse – For Your PC Support offers support and service to every form from ball mouse to an optical mouse or a wireless keyboard. For Your PC Support offers remote support in installing these accessories and also help to clean and troubleshoot mouse as well.
  • Scanner Support – For Your PC Support provides technical support for installing and configuring scanner devices and scanner software respectively in the system via remote tech support and also help to cope with other scanner issues as well.
  • Webcam Support – For Your PC Support enables installing and updating software for smooth usage of webcams. For Your PC Support offers support for all renowned brands such as Creative, Logitech, Sony, a4 tech, Microsoft, Philips, etc.
  • Speaker and Microphone Support- For Your PC Support assists in installing software for speaker, microphone and other sound devices and also ensure clarity of sound.
  • MP3 Player Support – For Your PC Support helps in setting up and installing MP3 Player software in the system remotely. Customisation and upgradation of this software is also taken care of with support for better accessibility.
  • Apple Product Support – We also provide technical support for installation and configuration of all Apple products (i.e iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.) software in the system.